Halo 3 was ready for E3

Halo 3, the most anticipated game for Xbox 360, could have been shown in a playable, multiplayer form at last month's E3 games show, according to developer Bungie. The only glimpse of next-gen Halo available at the show was the first ever trailer, despite the game being solid enough for gamers to go hands-on.

"Some people don't know that we had the option to let people play multiplayer [Halo 3]," Marty O'Donnell, the composer of Halo 3 's musical score, told website Xbox Evolved. This news comes shortly after hearing thatmultiplayer matches are already testing behind Bungie's closed doors.

With Halo 3 not due for release until next year, it looks like we'll have to wait quite some time before getting an idea of how Master Chief's new adventure is shaping up.

June 2, 2006