Halo 3 sold early: Argos official response

19 Sept 07

UK high street retailer Argos has responded to claims that a gamer has been able to buy a copy of Halo 3 six days earlier than the 26 September official release date (25 September in US) from one of their stores.

The reason, according to an Argos spokesperson isapparently down toa 'genuine administrative error'.

Their full response is as follows:

"Argos would like to make it clear that it does not endorse breaking street dates and continues to be committed to preventing pre-release sales through its stores and web site.

"However, we are aware that a genuine administrative error has resulted in a small number of cases where Halo 3 has already been sold. We are currently ensuring that there are no further sales of this product in-store until the official release date, Wednesday 26 September. We have already taken steps to ensure that Halo 3 is unavailable on the Argos web site for reservation or purchase until the correct date.

"We accept that this incident falls short of the usual high standards we aim to achieve and operate within and we will be taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future."

So might as well cancel that trip down to Argos, then...