Halo 3 scores HIGH in first reviews

Sept 19, 2007

The first Halo 3 review is in ahead of its toutedrecord-breaking release next week, and it's scoring big.

In latest issue of Japanese Weekly Famitsu, one of the mag's four reviewing editors gave Halo 3 a perfect 10/10, with the otherthree issuing an almost-perfect 9/10.

That's a final score of 10/9/9/9 (37/40) - pretty damn good considering Japan's infamous hatred of all things Xbox/FPS.

We're still waiting for details of the review to trickle in from Japan, though we imagine it probably says something nice about the multiplayer and how much they love the Chief's kooky army customization. Those crazy Japanese, ay?

Look for GamesRadar's official review to post this Sunday, Sept 23, 12:00 Noon (Pacific)... at the latest.

Courtesy of CVG.