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Halo 3: One beta to rule them all

Bungie hasexplained the confusion surrounding last week's rumors that there could be two separate Halo 3 betas.

The rumor suggested that people who scored codes via its website would be on a separate beta program to those that will gain access through Crackdown. This isn't the case as Bungie's community voice Frank O'Connor toldusit's the "same beta. Different way to get in."

Speaking to Next Gen, O'Connor explained, "Like, we have time to be working on two separate betas? No, people have confused the issue. Bungie's going to have a friends and family program which is basically a tiny alternative to the Crackdown Beta program. We're going to get a bunch of beta invites sent to people in the Bungie community as well as those people who have bought Crackdown. Some people have decided that it was this whole separate beta but it's the same beta, we're just giving out our own tokens."

Late Spring is the latest date Bungie has given for the Halo 3 beta.

March 5, 2007