Halo 3 merchandise deal signed

Gaming peripheral company Mad Catz has signed a licensing agreement to create merchandise based on Halo 3, the company announced this morning.

The multi-year deal with Microsoft will see Mad Catz pump out a range of Halo 3 faceplates with characters brandished on the front, with further merchandise expected after that.

According to Next-gen.biz, Mad Catz says it expects the faceplates to arrive prior to Halo 3's launch later this year - because of course it'd be mental not to have them on the shelves alongside Bungie's legendary sequel.

Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson said in a statement, "The addition of this marquee license to our portfolio is further evidence of the ongoing success in our initiative to align ourselves with the most appealing brands and popular software launches..."

The multiplayer beta is due to go live this Wednesday. If you haven't secured your place already, read ourimpressions.

May 14, 2007