Halo 3 merchandise blitz to hit shops

Microsoft Game Studios and Enmon Accessories have inked a deal to bring a range of Halo 3 merchandise to shops later this year, including Halo-inspired wallets, bags and belts.

The range will be deployed in shops beginning August 15.

Designs will include weathered canvas wallets and messenger bags with screen prints, accented with leather and metal details, which sounds lovely. According to Enmon, the range has been designed to cater to mass chains and electronics stores as well as upscale apparel stores.

Bags and luggage will range from $30 - $300 at retail, with coordinating wallets, belts and small leather goods going from $9.99 to $40.

"The launch of Halo 3 is one of the biggest entertainment releases of 2007, and we are privileged to develop innovative, quality Halo 3 accessories in conjunction with the release this fall," said Terry Enmon, CEO of Enmon.

"Our focus will be to take a regular everyday use items, and turn them into something that is trendy and functional, an item that means something to the consumer - something they identify with."