Halo 3 graphics to improve, says Bungie

Since the multiplayer beta went live two weeks ago there's been a bit of a debate surrounding Halo 3's visuals. Some say it looks great, while others believe it poos the bed in comparison to Gears of War.

Hearing our cries, Bungie's Frank O'Connor assures Next-Gen.biz that there are plenty of changes coming in the months until the final game arrives in September.

"Well to be honest, we've seen [the graphics] praised too," he says. "Multiplayer is by necessity a more sterile iteration of our graphical style and will always be tuned for performance and elegance rather than jamming the screen full of pixels.

"We think that the final aesthetic look of our game will be judged at launch in September and in part based on the more intense single player spaces. We're also focused on maintaining the Halo character and atmosphere in our visual design - we're competing with ourselves, and not simply trying to match the aesthetic of other games."

On the improvements in the pipeline, the Bungie website man says there are lots of visual surprises in the campaign mode and "a few nifty graphical improvements" for multiplayer as well. "We think that folks will be happy with Halo 3's graphical polish come September."

May 30, 2007