Halo 3 footage leaked - watch it here

In another example of Microsoft's watertight security, a handful of poorly-snapped Halo 3 beta videos have emerged on the internet, revealing new equipment and previously unseen weapons.

The Chief's new gadget, adding to the X button-activated goodies such as the Bubble Shield, is a radar scrambler, demonstrated by the hilarious guyfilming these videos (one-handed, by the looks of it) adding decoy dots on the radar to fool your opponents.

You can also see Halo 3's new pistol in action, which was detailed for the first time this week. By the looks of it fans have gotten their wish and the long-missed sidearm has been given a much-needed power boost, unlike the toned-down pistol from Halo 2.

So make sure you've got any motion sickness pills you might need at hand, and watch all five of the vids below.

May 3, 2007