Halo 3: First images!

These are the first actual in-game images from Halo 3, unless you count the suspiciously perfect-looking shot included in last week'smultiplayer demo announcement. Be warned, however, that gazing upon them will only make waiting for Bungie's eagerly-awaited shooter threequel that much harder. Sure, you'll be fragging a map or two by Spring with the demo, but we've got almost a year before Master Chief's full next-gen adventure is unleashed upon us.

But you know you can't resist. Go ahead - hit the Images tab above and bask in the warmth of new Halo.

Bungie is tight lipped as ever on gaming details, although this batch of fresh screens does give you a first chance to see Halo 3's new quad bike-style vehicle, the devastation you can cause with the mighty new laser weapon and a few glimpses of the brand new multiplayer maps. Yeah, that's a whole lotta "new."

Now stop reading words and go look at the pictures!

November 21, 2006

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