Halo 3 Beta goes split-screen

Most Halo fans will be wetting their pants in anticipation of the May 16 Beta, especially as Bungie has confirmed split-screen multiplayer and the ability to save your films and watch them back.

Bungie's latest weekly update has revealed that the split-screen mode will not divide the screen in the usual way if you're playing on a HD TV. "Instead of stretching the horizontal or vertical axes into big, scary too wide or too tall horrors, we've sensibly windowed the action, maintaining lots of screen real estate, but preserving a proper, playable aspect ratio.

The update confirmed that the split-screen multiplayer will be limited to two people in the beta version, seemingly suggesting the full game will support four players.

Bungie also revealed that players will also get to try out a new "Saved Films" feature in the beta, although it admits the feature "is very, very, very limited" in the early demo. "We just want you to play around with the general concept," says Bungie.

The huge update also goes on to talk about the progress on some of the game's new maps, and quashes some rumors that have cropped up of late from the ever-speculation black hole of the internet.

Get your reading glasses on and gocheck it out.

April 30, 2007