Half Light review

Fancy spending a couple of hours watching Demi Moore looking bored? Half Light sees the actress emoting with all the conviction of a shop window dummy as a grieving mother who rents a seaside cottage in Scotland to claw her life back together. She falls in love with the local lighthouse keeper (Hans Matheson), realises her dead son is haunting her (about an hour after the audience does) and thinks she's going mad, all the while failing to exude a single atom of warmth or vulnerability.

The script, penned by director Craig Rosenberg (After The Sunset), plods along numbly for ages until a twisty conclusion shows how fun this could have been if only it wasn't so interested in pretty scenery and Moore's empty face. The story riffs on both Don't Look Now and recent dead-sprog film The Dark, making Half Light nothing more than a seen-it-all-before yawn.

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