Gym leader with single type of Pokemon baffled by 50-match losing streak

Last weekend, Bugsy lost in a battle with his latest challenger, an up-and-coming trainer out of New Bark Town. That marked the 50th consecutive loss for the Gym Leader--a record for the Johto region.

His strict adherence to only using Bug-type Pokemon has proven unsuccessful, as they’re easily defeated by Fire-types; about a third of trainers get a Fire-type Pokemon before leaving their hometowns, and Pokemon with Fire-elemental attacks are not difficult to find, even in the early days of one’s journey.

“I knew he was only going to use Bug types, so I just whipped out my Fire-type starter,” one trainer told us on his way through Azalea Town. “I didn’t even have to switch Pokemon. One move wiped out his whole team.”

Azalea Town’s residents are sticking by their Gym Leader, despite his reputation as an easy opponent.

“How many people can say they have a Bug Expert living in their town? Can you?” asked Bonnie, who has lived in Azalea Town for decades. “Trainers come from miles around to fight Bugsy. So what if he doesn’t win every match? No one’s perfect.”

Her husband was quick to agree. “Why would he use a balanced line-up featuring multiple elemental-type Pokemon when he could just keep a few Bug-types handy? It’s a sound strategy,” he said.

Despite the losses, Bugsy is sticking to his guns. “Bug Pokemon are tough,” he insisted. “Bug Pokemon are deep. I can make this work. My research just isn’t complete yet.”

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Sarah LeBoeuf

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