Guild Wars gets graphic

Until now, every Guild Wars game has been a standalone chapter, meaning that you didn't have to own any previous Guild Wars titles to play them. By throwing the traditional pay-to-play business model of MMOs out the window and giving both Guild Wars virgins and vets good reasons to buy each new chapter, ArenaNet has managed to cultivate an extremely loyal fan base. But by the time the third Guild Wars chapter, Nightfall released, leveling up yet another new class up to 20 was beginning to get old. Fortunately, fans can look forward to the series' first true expansion, Guild Wars: Eye the of North.

Unlike previous titles, Eye of the North has been designed with max-level characters in mind. New races, skills, gear, features, and the usual epic storyline that ties everything from previous chapters together, will let you hit the ground running. No more noobie areas or grinding a new class up to 20.

Above: Here you see the Asura, one of the new Guild Wars Eye of North races

Images for Guild Wars: Eye of North have been limited to a slim collection of concept art so far. But today, developers at ArenaNet have released some revealing new screenshots to whet your appetite for its third quarter release this year. So do yourself a favor and hit up the Images tab above to feast your eyes on the never-before-seen Charr homeland, the adorable and magical Asura, and the hulking Norn.

May 30, 2007