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GTR 2 review

If GTR was German techno, its sequel is Nirvana

The real difference, then, is the ability to fight for victory with a hotter head. Yet obviously there are other more tangible differences. The game has reached the 2004 season, which at least allows for the inclusion of the stunning Maserati MC12 - good enough here to make you realize why the FIA has decided to hobble it - though not the beautiful, and rather effective, Aston Martins.

The 2003 cars and circuits return as unlockables, and while two or three-year-old content may not sound hugely exciting, arguably it matters less here than in most cases. Why? Simply because the real series will be familiar to just a handful of cable-viewing diehards in the first place.

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DescriptionHit the tires and light the fires - the most obsessively detailed GT driving sim to ever hit the PC crosses the Atlantic. Airbags not included.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date26 September 2006 (US), (UK)