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GTA Online Truck Jousting is the one true sport

If you're tired of the figurative back-and-forth murderfest of GTA Online free roam, why not get some of your friends together for an actual back-and-forth murderfest? All you'll need are two trucks, a straightaway wide enough for both to pass side by side, and muskets.

Both drivers set up facing each other, far enough apart that it will take them at least 5 or 10 seconds to pass, and everybody else loads into a truck bed with muskets at the ready. Fire off a flare to signal the start time (or just use voice chat if you're not feeling theatrical), then try to pick off the other truck's gunners as they barrel past each other. The muskets do a ton of damage but reload very slowly, so it will probably take a few passes to fully smear one side - or both - across the pavement.

You could go Truck Jousting anywhere, but if you prefer a dedicated experience you can load up the custom job. Don't try to be clever and sneak in your Pegassi Zentorno, either - trucks have special physics, and your gunners will turn into jelly-legged ragdolls if they try to go highway surfin' on top of anything else.

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