GTA Online stages explosive tank/buggy brawls in Rhino Hunt mode

Everybody knows there's bad blood between tanks and dune buggies. Usually they keep their treads and oversized wheels to themselves, but the latest Adversary mode for GTA Online finally pushes the Hatfields and McCoys of the ground transport world into open warfare.

Rhino Hunt mode sets a small team of players in Rhino Tanks against a larger force of Dune Buggy riders with sticky bombs. The tanks' cannons and machine guns will dominate at long range, but once the buggies start swarming it will be like swatting flies with a canoe paddle (flies that chuck explosive charges everywhere).

You'll get double GTA$ and Reputation Points for playing Rhino Hunt through March 3. Fortunately, Rhino Hunt mode is playable across three locations, and you can try them all as part of the current Event Playlist. You can even get a good deal on your own tank with 25 percent off Warstock Cache & Carry's entire inventory, and call in some air support with 25 percent off Merryweather services. Or pick up some rifle ammo, certain weapon attachments, and Heist tactical gear like rebreathers and earpieces for 50 percent off.

If you prefer to remain a neutral party in the War of Buggy Aggression, you'll also get double RP for competing in the new Till Death Do Us Part mode and in all Freemode Events.

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