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GTA Online Lowrider update is a San Andreas nostalgia trip

The next update for GTA Online will take you back to San Andreas, as in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Rockstar released a new trailer for the Lowrider update starring criminal wannabe Lamar Davis, some disposable guns for hire (e.g. you), and the Ballas and Vagos. They've shown up before in Story Mode and other GTA Online missions - not to mention giving CJ hell back in the day - but they're back in force for Lamar's new missions.

Just listen to that synthesized sting 17 seconds in and try not to imagine a polygonal police cruiser rolling through good old Grove Street. "We out here gang banging like it's '91, you feel me?" Lamar asks - oh yes, I do feel him. I feel him so intensely that I may have to plug my PS2 back in and do some turf warfare until the Lowrider update drops on Tuesday.

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