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GTA Online Labor Day weekend event has cheap rides and better payouts

GTA Online is celebrating the American labor movement this holiday weekend in its own special way: with four days of revolving vehicle discounts and Job bonuses. Here's the complete list - all events indicated will award double GTA$/RP payouts, while all (virtual) retailers indicated will have storewide discounts of 25 percent.

- Friday: Air Races and Parachuting Jobs, and Elitas Travel's catalogue of planes and helicopters
- Saturday: Land Races, and Legendary Motorsports' assortment of high-end cars and bikes
- Sunday: Sea Races, and Docktease's seafaring selection
- Monday: Deathmatches, and Warstock Cache & Carry's many military vehicles

Don't forget that Rockstar plans to expand GTA Online's Freemode with some "exciting new gameplay" this month. Whatever it turns out to be, it couldn't hurt to have some shiny new helicopters and combat vehicles to bring with you.

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Connor Sheridan
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