GTA Online update means even hardened criminals can get in the festive spirit

"What if Santa Claus was a bank-robbing, car-jacking, murderous sociopath?" If that's a question you have a burning desire to know the answer to, you'll probably appreciate GTA Online (opens in new tab)'s newest update. It adds new Santa outfits, pajamas, masks, and car horns while bringing back all previous holiday event outfits. Hope you've got a big closet.

Additionally, Los Santos will be covered in Christmas trees and the occasional snowfall, allowing for snowball fights. And if you can hold off on the criminal activities long enough to take a picture fit for a Christmas card, you could win $1 million of in-game money. Just take your most festive photo, share on Social Club via the in-game Snapmatic app, and tag it #FestiveSurprise2015, all before January 5. Rockstar's five favorites will receive the $1 million (again, that's in-game money) as well as a featured post on the developer's news service, Newswire.

If you want to get a taste of the update, YouTube user Casey Likes Games (opens in new tab) has multiple videos showcasing the various outfits and masks you can acquire. My personal favorite is probably the "pudding" mask, if only because it looks like a holly jolly Cenobite reject. Happy holidays, criminals!

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