GTA 6 fan crashes German game show to ask for a release date

(Image credit: Rockstar)

A GTA 6 fan crashed the set of a German game show to ask its perplexed hosts when he'll get to play Rockstar's new game.

A recent episode of Schlag den Star was interrupted as the man ran onto the stage, before turning to the quiz show's moderator and telling him "I would like to know where the hell GTA 6 is. I am still waiting for GTA 6." A clip of the interruption was posted to the GTA 6 subreddit (via Dexerto), where members set to translating the scene.

The emboldened GTA fan twice encouraged the show's moderator, Elton, to shout "where is GTA 6?" into the camera. Not to be pushed around on his own show, however, Elton said that he didn't know when GTA 6 was set to release, and even if he did, he hasn't even finished GTA 5 yet.

The new arrival was swiftly led away by the show's security, after which Elton suggested he'd been paid off by Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive. 

The response to the incident online has been varied; some German viewers have complained that he didn't use his temporary platform to highlight something more important, while others said that he came through suspiciously clearly over the show's audio, despite having no reason to be mic'd up. Fans of the game have even claimed that the whole thing could actually have been a bizarre marketing stunt to kick off the game's publicity, but that seems extremely unlikely.

Right now, there's no official word on the release of GTA 6. The most recent reports, however, suggest that Rockstar might be targeting a release date as late as 2025. For this fan's sake, however, hopefully we hear something about the game some time before then.

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