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A VR GTA 5 with hand tracking is... deeply disturbing

Well it turns out that those pesky 'GTA is a murder simulator' claims might be a little more valid when it comes to experiencing it in virtual reality with hand tracking. The below clips are from a project by Downsider on Reddit who has managed to make GTA 5 run with the Oculus Rift DK2 and the Razer Hydra controllers. It's a work in progress mod just now but it certainly adds a new, err, dimension to the violence on offer. Downsider himself said "I feel insanely sadistic when I use this. Never felt bad about doing anything in VR before."

Yep. Brutal isn't it? "I'm really not sure about this. I feel horrible about making this. You actually feel guilty. My mouth dropped the first time I shot someone in my GTA: V VR setup," Downsider confirms on his site where you can follow the development of the mod. Fancy trying this at home? At least it's more accessible than this set up that needs an Omni treadmill.

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