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GTA 5 mod takes you back to Vice City

If you still feel a thrill whenever you see the parallel islands of Vice City (I know I do), then this GTA 5 PC mod should keep you enamored for hours. The Miami lookalike had retro appeal when we first explored it in 2002 and it's looking even better with a second coat of nostalgia 13 years later.

The mod is still an early work-in-progress - the instructions warn that you'll probably end up falling through the world several times before you manage to get your spawn point situated correctly - but otherwise it's exactly what you'd expect: big, blocky, beautiful geometry coated with fuzzy, pastel textures. You can even swim out to sea and admire it from afar, instead of just sinking like Tommy "They Didn't Have A Pool In Prison And I Forgot How To Swim" Vercetti.

Unfortunately, this will be a solo trip through memory lane for your GTA 5 protagonist of choice, since the mod doesn't include any other cars or pedestrians. At least you don't have to sit through a loading screen whenever you drive to the other island.

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