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GTA 5 Star Destroyer mod blots out the Los Santos sun

If you were driving along the highway and saw a great big Star Destroyer hanging in the air, you probably wouldn't have the wherewithal to think "that looks cool, but the textures could use a little work." Hence the joy of mods in GTA 5 (opens in new tab), which let us play with our wildest dreams of Star Wars crossovers, all without fear for our own safety or those of others (because the residents of Los Santos all definitely have it coming anyway).

This video showcases three different Star Wars mods: one of which turns the blimp into the aforementioned sky-dominating Star Destroyer, one for a rather comfortable looking X-34 landspeeder, and one for a less-comfortable looking speederbike that Frankly can't quite get the hang of sitting on.

Impressively huge as the Star Destroyer is (can you imagine it getting in a fight with that GTA 5 Mass Effect Reaper mod (opens in new tab), even if they are just technically blimps?) my favorite is definitely the landspeeder. It looks so natural kicking up dust out in the Blaine County scrublands, I'm half expecting Franklin to pull into Mos Eisley and try to sell it for 2,000 credits.

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