GTA 5's next update may be all about the Lowriders

The last few updates for GTA 5 were all about living the high life, but the next one may ride a little lower. Dataminers on the GTA forums dug up some early info on the upcoming update, apparently codenamed "LOW," including the vehicle list below.

Several of the vehicles, like the Chino and Moonbeam, have appeared in previous GTA games but are so far absent from GTA 5, while the 1960 Chevy Impala-inspired Voodoo only appears in dilapidated "beater" form. Note that these are just internal codes / code names for the new cars and variants - you'll see something a bit fancier in the corner of your screen when you actually climb in one.

0x95466bdb = faction2
0x866bce26 = faction3
0x710a2b9b = moonbeam2
0x86618eda = primo2
0x0d4ea603 = sabregt2
0xca62927a = virgo2
0x00fdffb0 = virgo3
0xaed64a63 = chino2
0x779b4f2d= clean voodoo
0xc397f748 = buccaneer2
0x94da98ef = tornado5
0x42bc5e19 = slamvan3

Judging by previous incarnations of those cars, it seems that the "LOW" update may focus on Lowrider culture, especially given Rockstar's established interest in Lowriders and the folks who make them. Here's hoping it comes with a certain rhythm-based diversion, too…

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