Grounded has already clocked up 1 million players

(Image credit: Obsidian/Xbox Game Studios)

Obsidian's first new game since joining the Xbox family of studios, Grounded, has clocked up one million players.

The survival game only released a couple of days ago on PC and Xbox One, but according to the official Twitter account for the game, the early access game is already proving to be a hit. 

"Grounded has reached 1 MILLION players in the first 48 hours! Thank you everyone! YOU are the reason we are having as much [fun] as we are, and without you we wouldn't be here!" the tweet said. "To show his thanks, Grounded's Game Director, Adam Brennecke, has a special message."

Brennecke's thank you goes on to confirm that the game will receive monthly games starting from August 27, 2020, and encouraged fans to "stay tuned for more information about that update".

If you're tempted by Grounded but have been put off by those terrifying gigantic spiders, Obsidian has confirmed there's a number of accessibility options including an "arachnophobia mode". The slider in the Accessibility menu that lets you adjust the look of your spiders from spine-chilling eight-legged nightmares all the way to harmless(-looking) little white blobs without affecting the gameplay in any way.

"During their study, fear, and disgust increased across all respondent groups as spider textures, number of eyes, and audio effects were added," Obsidian communications director Mike Dowling said. "The findings from Xbox Research helped determine the best form for spiders to take in the game, while also deciding how to vary their appearance depending on the severity of the phobia."

GamesRadar's Alyssa Mercante was able to spend some time with Grounded director Adam Brennecke and learn about what it was like turning a bog-standard suburban backyard into a foreign and dangerous survival playground. Check out the full interview here.

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