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Grimm 2.21 "The Waking Dead" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Revelation time

Grimm 2.21 "The Waking Dead" TV REVIEW

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Episode 2.21
Writers: Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt
Director: Steven DePaul

THE ONE WHERE Juliette enlists Monroe's help in understanding the truth about the Wesen, while Nick and Hank investigate a series of murders of dead people. Meanwhile in Europe, Adalind finds herself in an awkward situation as a power struggle develops over her unborn child.

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VERDICT Don't let the episode title “The Waking Dead” confuse you. Grimm IS doing zombies, but the case of the week takes somewhat of a back seat to all those different plot strands we've been building up to throughout the season. Which is just as well because, without exception, the payoff is great.

So farewell gormless, self-obsessed amnesiac Juliette. I think I speak for us all when I say we will not miss you. Instead we have someone more capable, aware that she's treated Nick abominably over the last few months and determined to both make amends and – finally – face the full truth in all its furry Wesen-y glory. Monroe, Rosalee and brilliant Bud (Danny Bruno – fighting with Reggie Lee for the award for best scene-stealing comic recurring character) give her their version of show-and-tell and her reaction is pretty reasonable for someone faced with such a thing. Hell, technically she took it better than Hank did when he realised exactly what was going on in Portland. Is this, paired with her saving Nick last week, proof that her days as a damsel in distress are over? We can but hope.

Meanwhile Adalind's attempts to sell the baby to get her powers go pear-shaped when she gets forced to sign a contract with Stefania. Signing something in blood never seems to bode well but, paired with the fact maybe-dad Eric's family clearly doesn't approve of her, and he prefers to return to Portland than see her suggests Adalind is in even more trouble than she's used to.

Of course this all adds even more to the big reveal: that Prince Eric is setting himself up with a zombie army courtesy of Baron Samedi ( The Wire 's Reg E Cathey), who’s a so-cute-it's-creepy pufferfish-like Wesen.

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While the pace of the episode is a stuttery slow-build of a story with so many different angles developing at the same time (and needing a good chunk of exposition), this is a minor quibble in an otherwise outstanding episode which sets everything up for a potentially great season two finale.

BEST BIT Our favourite refrigerator repairman Bud’s performance anxiety at wogeing in front of Juliette, and the whole section where Juliette finally sees his, Monroe and Rosalee’s wesen forms.

Eric: “Portland you are no Vienna… you are the home to Nike.”

Narin Bahar

Grimm season two airs in the UK on Watch on Monday nights at 9pm

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