Grant Morrison taking a break from DC after Superman & The Authority

Grant Morrison
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DC fans, prepare to say goodbye to Grant Morrison - as the upcoming Superman and the Authority (opens in new tab) limited series will be the writer's last work for the publisher for "quite a while," they tell Newsarama.

The last page of Morrison and Sharp's The Green Lantern (Image credit: Liam Sharp (DC))
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But if you're a fan of their work, you've already read Morrison's goodbye to DC - their title The Green Lantern with artist Liam Sharp.

"....Green Lantern is kind of me saying goodbye and that I'm sorry I've hung around for so long," Morrison tells Newsarama with a laugh. "Both [The Green Lantern and Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume Three (opens in new tab)] mark a milestone for me, because after this I'll be taking some time off for quite a while."

Although Superman and the Authority will be released after the recent finale of The Green Lantern, Morrison actually wrote this "little secret series" in 2018, before they finished The Green Lantern - with some behind-the-scenes delays leading to it be released out of order.

"I'm kind of stunned with what we did on The Green Lantern. It was a big endeavor for me and Liam Sharp," Morrison says. "Again, I'm so lucky to have worked with someone as brilliant as Liam in the same way that I feel lucky that I worked with Yanick."

This will be the end of a 17-year stretch with Morrison at DC - 29 years if you add in their '80s and '90s work before they took a hiatus from DC for a few years at Marvel. But for those of you speculating the end of Morrison's DC time to mean they're returning to Marvel, don't think in such binary terms.

"I've been doing a lot of work in television, so one of the things that I'm looking at now are novels to adapt or stuff like that," Morrison says. "That's kind of like doing a comic, because you're trying to understand why someone initially came up with the idea. You know, 'What was their motivation? What was their way of thinking? And how do you bring that into the future?' And that's what we do in comics."

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