Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Even though this a return to Liberty City, there are a few differences to the city that we saw in GTA III as the three years difference has altered the ownership of a few buildings - noticeably Luigi's Sex Club 7, which is now owned by J.D. O'Toole. More significant than leasing changes, however, is the fact that Rockstar has implemented improvements first seen in Vice City, so textures are more detailed, there are more reflections on the bodywork of cars and there are bikes, so Liberty City can now be explored on two wheels.

Above: Zipping around Liberty City on two wheels adds an extra dimension to the familiar setting

There may be some disappointment for those expecting the life-sim aspects or jet packs that can be found in San Andreas. But it's important to remember that this is a PSP game at heart, so there were always going to some compromises when squeezing GTA on to the handheld.

Approach Liberty City Stories with this in mind and you won't be disappointed. Indeed, it's a reassuring dip back into the world of Ammu-Nation, Flash FM and the unparalleled freedom that GTA offers. Just the thing to keep GTA at the forefront of your mind as we begin the countdown to Grand Theft Auto IV.