Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Apart from that, this is exactly the same Liberty City Stories that was on PSP. Now we might have to drill this home - it's EXACTLY the same: same number islands, same plot, same characters, same missions. The idea being that GTA fans who don't own a PSP still have the opportunity to play the game. Just to make it abundantly clear that this isn't GTA IV, it's being released at a wallet-friendly £19.99. Basically, everyone's a winner, apart from anyone bought a PSP just to play Liberty City Stories. Hey ho.

Above: Just like GTA III, you start on Portland and make your way across the three islands

Liberty City Stories is a return to the menacing and sprawling metropolis that was the setting for GTA III but is set three years before the adventures of Fido. This time you're in control of Toni Cipriani, who you might remember from GTA III as the mother-fearing triad-hating lieutenant of Salvatore Leone. Toni returns to Liberty City after completing a year of self-imposed exile following a particularly sensitive hit. Unfortunately for Toni, he doesn't return a hero, but back on the bottom rung of the wiseguy ladder and is forced to run errands and earn respect the hard way. Like all the other GTA games, it soon becomes a bloody quest for power and money.