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Grab a PS4 Pro and two games, including Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, for £297!

If you've managed to get through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas without getting a PS4 Pro but, you know, are still thinking about it? Good news! Here's a Boxing Day deal to tempt you further. 

Tesco has a Pro and two games for three quid less than the Pro on its own, saving £50 in total in the process. There are a few options, with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition and Hidden Agenda possible the best combination. But, if that's not entirely your thing then Gran Turismo Sport and SingStar Celebration are also in the mix 

PS4 Pro 1TB with two free games, £297. Get a Pro two game bundle for less than the Pro alone! Choose between Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, Gran Turismo Sport, SingStar Celebration and Hidden Agenda.

As well as being highly rated in our best PS4 games, Horizon also placed well in our GOTY 2017 list. Picking it up, with the DLC, an extra game and a Pro for less than £300 isn't a bad way to end the year.