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Grab a cheap iPad deal this festive season

cheap ipad deals prices
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If you didn't manage to get an iPad for Christmas, Boxing Day sales are the perfect opportunity to go looking for cheap iPad deals - many models are seeing discounts over the festive period. Because these Apple devices are easily some of the best gaming tablets out there with a hefty price to match, any discount you can find is well worth pouncing on. To save you time as well as money, we've rounded up the very best offers here. This page is updated on a regular basis to get you the lowest prices, too. The only thing better than an iPad is a cheap iPad, after all.

Our team's also thrown in a bit of advice to go with these cheap iPad deals. Deciding which one to go for can be a little bit baffling, after all. What's the difference between an iPad Pro and a normal iPad? Are they worth the extra cash? We've got the lowdown here - consider it our Christmas present to you.

Before jumping into the latest and cheapest iPad prices, however, it's worth considering the extras that can really make your mobile gaming, or gaming in general, experience better: what about one of the best set of cans from our best PS4 headsets? Or a hard drive to store data, saves and games from our guide to the best Xbox One external hard drives list? Items on these lists are often compatible with mobile devices so you shouldn't have anything to worry about in that respect, and it's these items, along with that new iPad, that will enhance your mobile gaming time with your new or upgraded console and get your 2020 off to a brilliant beginning.

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iPad Pro

The biggest and most beastly of the iPad family, the iPad Pro is a glorious piece of kit which can reach the size of what feels like a small television. It's our favourite gaming tablet due to its seamless and effortless performance that's only matched in excellence by the lovely, lovely display.


This is the 'regular' iPad - the iPad that comes up if you just talk about or search for an 'iPad'. This finds itself in the middle of the pack on size, coming in at around the 9 or 10 inch size. A wonderful tablet that'll give you that famous Apple performance.

iPad Air

The iPad Air is for those who want a bit more than the regular tablet. It has a superior display, a super-fast chipset that matches the latest versions of the iPhone, and a higher resolution front-facing camera to up the ante on the picture/selfie front.

iPad Mini

The littlest of the bunch but still a great device. This is a lovely tablet for those of us with smaller hands - and that extends to little humans too. It'll still give you that great performance we expect from an Apple slab but won't take up the same space as its larger siblings.

If you fancy your mobile device even smaller but still powerful then be sure to check out our guide to the best gaming phone money can buy. Or if you want a much bigger screen for gaming, check out our best gaming monitor guide here.

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