Gooigi invades Tetris 99 in Luigi's Mansion 3 crossover event

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Luigi's Mansion 3 finally hits the Switch this Halloween, and in celebration, Tetris 99 is hosting a crossover event featuring Luigi and everyone's favorite amorphous doppelganger, Gooigi. The Tetris 99 8th Maximum Cup event runs from Friday, October 25 at 12am PT/ 3am ET/ 8am BST up until the same time on Monday, October 28.

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The event gives you the chance to earn a Luigi's Mansion 3 theme for your in-game Tetris 99 screen. From what we can see in the brief clip above, the theme features Luigi's Mansion's signature purple and green color palette, with green goo surrounding the game screen. A typically terrified Luigi can be seen in the background on the left side as a Boo terrorizes him from the other side. You can't actually see Gooigi in the footage, but he's featured prominently in the promotional materials, so you can expect that he'll be featured somewhere in the theme.

All you need to do to secure yourself a Luigi's Mansion 3 Tetris 99 theme is play online enough to collect at least 100 event points, which are earned based on your rank in each match. It might sound obvious, but it's worth noting that in order to take part in the event, you'll need a Switch Online subscription to engage in online multiplayer.

It should be fairly easy to earn the requisite number of event points to get the Luigi's Mansion 3 theme. One first place match gets you 100 points alone, while second place gets you 50, and third place gets you 30. Every rank up through 99 earns you some number of point(s), so just play enough you and you'll reap the spooky reward.

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