Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

300 BC: the fledgling Roman Republic is powerful, but beset on all sides by enemies. Carthaginians, Gauls and Samnites threaten the young nation. Even worse, unspeakably horrible terrors - Gorgons, Minotaurs and Cyclopes - patrol the lands just beyond the Roman gates. Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, makes you a scion of the gods, in a massively-multiplayer role playing adventure. Born of immortal heritage, you will serve to protect and expand the Roman Republic.

As a servant of one of the 12 gods of the Roman pantheon, you'll wield some of their almighty power. Gods and Heroes contains an almost unheard-of amount of quests - over 1,000 - where you'll develop that power and fight for Roman glory.

Squad-based combat will be the highlight of Gods and Heroes. Blending elements of role-playing romps like co-op friendly Neverwinter Nights and the action-smashed Diablo II, you'll acquire a squad of non-player characters that you'll train and control in combat. This will automatically amplify the size of epic clashes, but developers say you'll have to carefully control their tactics in battle to come out on top.

A variety of strategic groupings, combos and finishing moves are planned, deepening gameplay even further. This private grouping system also promises to make solo adventuring much more possible for players that like to go it alone.

Gods and Heroes is still at a very early development stage, so we'll be looking for a closer look at E3.