God of War: Betrayal [mobile] review

Impaling on the go

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But what most fans will be thankful for is the triumphant return of the contextual attacks. Weaken an enemyand a command prompt appears, allowing for some of the most graceful displays of brutality ever seen - thanks to the extremely fluid animations.

This is quite possibly the goriest thing your mobile's ever seen. The blood spills by the bucket full. There's a certain giggly satisfaction to yanking off a Minotaur's arms and ripping his head in twixt while sitting next to a mother and her six kids.

The only real problemwith this mobile game are in thecontrol limitations. The cursor button is sensitive and oftenresults in the occasional failed combo.And the jump button sends you forward in the direction you're facingautomatically. It takes some getting used to, but Betrayal is long and enjoyable enough for you get the hang of it. Once you've finished, masochistscan either up the difficulty or jump into Arena mode to survive wave after wave of enemies.

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DescriptionOne of the bloodiest games on the PlayStation goes mobile - and immediately becomes our most eagerly anticipated mobile game ever.
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