Go to Hellgate with new gameplay movie

PC RPG Hellgate: London has been quietly brewing for two years now, but this new footage (on our Movies tab) of demons and zombies on the receiving end of some serious firepower (and sharp pointy things) shows that it's building up nicely.

Being a totally randomized action-RPG - pretty much all the monsters, levels, equipment and possibly even character skills are freshly baked every time you play - we can understand why it's taking so long, but we're impatient types when it comes to our click-fests.

And with Hellgate: London's deep weapon and equipment customization (they're so proud of it, you'll see the same weapon-boosting sequence three times in our footage medley) it should be the first game since Diablo 2, way back in 2000, to really scratch the number-crunching itch.

We're hoping Hellgate: London will claw its way out into the light of store shelves sometime next year - but as its creators all come from super-developer Blizzard, we know that they won't release it "until it's ready." Best PC game of 2008, perhaps?

October 20, 2006