Go fishing in World of Warcraft with your iPhone

There are those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish. But when it comes to World of Warcraft, we fish to level up our fishing skill. Casting our line out into babbling brooks and hoping for a bite gives us lots of time to think about how we’d rather be doing something else, like raiding, running an instance, or visiting the dentist. That’s why for many WoW players, leveling up their fishing is the last item on their to-do list once they’ve hit the max level of 80.

But fishing in WoW just got a whole lot better thanks to the WoW Fishing app for the iPhone. It is not a bot - like GoneFishing - and doesn’t replace the act of manually casting, mousing over your bob, or reeling in your catch. It simply lets you perform these tasks with flicks of the wrist and touch screen presses on your iPhone instead.

Above: Yawn...

WoW Fishing won’t help you power level your fishing skill by speeding up or automating the process. In fact, it seems like it takes a little longer to flick your wrist than it does to simply click your mouse. However, once you get used to it, the Wii-like motion control does make the act of fishing much more pleasant and much less repetitive – and when it comes to the grind that is World of Warcraft, making repetitive tasks less boring can never be a bad thing.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that the WoW Fishing app for the iPhone will be long for this world. Right now, the only iPhone app officially approved by Blizzard is their own Blizzard Authenticator, which helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account. Blizzard has sent out cease and desist requests to the authors of other free WoW-related apps in the past, so we wouldn’t be surprised if WoW Fishing disappears from Apple’s App Store soon.

Above: Once you get used to it, the Wii-like waggling makes leveling up your fishing skill way more fun

If you’re interested in angling with gestures instead of mouse-clicks, you can get WoW Fishing by clicking on the link below.

WoW Fishing

Jul 8, 2009

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