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Gitaroo-Man Lives! review

We who are about to rock, salute you!


  • Fantastic soundtrack
  • Two new songs
  • Unique control interface


  • Dodging is too difficult in later stages
  • Game is too short
  • MSRP should be $20
  • not $40

Back in the early days of the PlayStation 2, the popularity of rhythm games in the US was on the rise thanks to Konami's quick 'n dirty ports of their Dance Dance Revolution titles. This was before the likes of Karaoke Revolution or Guitar Hero; when everyone was dipping their toes in the musical waters. It was then that Koei released its charming and bizarre music game, Gitaroo-Man. Now those who missed this little gem a few years back (which is probably most of you) have another chance to experience the rock.

You are U-1, loveable loser and secretly the last of the Gitaroo Men, a race of musical Power Rangers (you got a better analogy?) charged with saving Planet Gitaroo using nothing but your guitar and the help of your dog. Over 10 stages you'll battle the forces of evil - such as UFOs, a man in a bee costume, a space-faring shark and so on - by performing songs and dodging musical attacks.

The game's soundtrack is superb. While the songs aren't anything you'll hear on the radio, they're charming and catchy, and they range from hard rockand jazz to classical. And as a bonus, Gitaroo-Man's PSP outing includes two completely new songs, though you have to play in one of the new multiplayer modes to access them.

More Info

DescriptionA game that builds on Gitaroo Man's brilliance? How the hell could you go wrong?
Franchise nameGitaroo-Man
UK franchise nameGitaroo-Man
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date14 November 2006 (US), (UK)