Gigantic headed to Xbox One and Windows 10 with cross-platform play

The five-and-giant-versus-five-and-giant battles of Gigantic will come to Xbox One later this year. The unique team-based online action game will also debut alongside Windows 10, Microsoft and developer Motiga announced, with a near-simultaneous release across both platforms.

Gigantic was first revealed last year, boasting colorful characters who square off in third-person battles fusing elements of MOBAs, shooters, and action RPGs. It doesn't have a bad pedigree, either - among other notable names, StarCraft and Guild Wars lead designer James Phinney is leading work on the free-to-play title.

It may be F2P, but you'll still need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for the Xbox One version. Both the PC and Xbox One side will be bound to the same account, and much like Fable Legends, Gigantic will allow for cross-platform competition on both systems.

Don't worry about control differences throwing off the match balance online - you have to specifically opt-in to play across platforms.

Speaking of PC, you will need to be running Windows 10 to play the game, even though the alpha is running on earlier versions at the moment. Motiga says it will give players plenty of heads up before it makes the switch… and Microsoft's upcoming OS will be free, after all.

Connor Sheridan

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