Ghost Recon Breakpoint gets free trial and friend pass for all platforms

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

If you're curious to see how Ghost Recon Breakpoint has changed since its rocky release, Ubisoft is giving you a couple of ways to do just that.

Breakpoint is getting a free trial, which allows anyone with a PC, PS4, or Xbox One to experience the entire game for six hours. That should be enough time to see if the updates and expansions - like the new Immersive mode and second chapter of DLC - make Ghost Recon Breakpoint worth the investment.

If you like what you see, you can take the progress you made in the free trial and carry it over when you buy the game. Alternatively, you can play co-op missions with a friend who owns Breakpoint free of charge. Anyone who already owns Ghost Recon Breakpoint can invite up to three players at a time to play alongside them until June 16.

If you played Breakpoint during the recent free weekend, your progress carries over and whatever time you spent playing is subtracted from the six hours you get with the free trial. If you played during the free weekend for six hours or more, you'll need a Friend Pass to get back in (unless you buy the game of course).

The recent title 2.0.0 update did add a ton of new content partly tailored to addressing some of the criticism Breakpoint saw when it released. There are three modes now: Regular, Immersive, and Custom. Immersive was designed to "address many of the top concerns raised by our community," and likewise gets rid of gear score and tiered loot. The update is wide-ranging and includes a laundry list of updates and fixes, all of which you can read about straight from Ubisoft.

If you're more of a sword-and-shield type, The Elder Scrolls Online is also doing a free trial that lets you see some cool new Skyrim-related content.

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