Get your face in Shootout!

So you wanna be a game superstar? And live large? Well, as your self-appointed publicity agents, we think that increasing your visibility is one of the most important steps in your imminent meteoric rise to stardom. So while we're posting your profile on every one of the 3 bajillion social networking sites out there, you've gotta get busy playing Shootout!. Deal?

Shootout! is an episodic first person shooter that puts you, gamer and rising star, into scenarios ripped from the history books, or rather, The History Channel. The games are produced in tandem with episodes of the History Channel show by the same name, which feature famous shootouts throughout history. The latest game/episode, titled Tet Offensive: The Embassy MP, draws from the events of the Tet Offensive, a major coordinated assault launched by the North Vietnamese Army in 1968 during the Vietnam War.

During the game, players spend some time running about the American Embassy, as you might imagine. On the wall in this embassy are large portraits. Currently, those portraits feature the staff of the game’s developer, Kuma Reality Games, but, depending on your mad skillz, it could soon be you!

Above: The glorious edifice which could house your noble visage

To take your shot at fleeting glory, grab the game fromKuma's site, log on this Friday (1/12) or next Friday (1/19) at 9pm EST, and join any "Face Replace" server. The deathmatch events will be open to 100 players each night, with the honors going to five winners each week.

Good luck! And should you meet with victory, as we're confident you will, don't forget our commission check. That's "GamesRadar" - one word.

January 11, 2007