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Get a sneak peek at Minecraft's Caves & Cliff content in this latest Snapshot

A lush, green idyll hidden underground
(Image credit: Mojang)

Mojang has revealed a new Snapshot for green-fingered Minecraft players to play around with.

Minecraft Snapshot 21W05B adds "a few new blocks that you, later on, will see in the lush caves" that's expected to come with the upcoming themed update, Caves & Cliffs, which was announced at Minecraft Live 2020. Not all players can access it yet, of course, but if you've got the Java Version you can try out the content while it's still being developed. Nice, eh?

The new features include flowering azalea bushes, cave vines and glow berries, drip leaves, decorative blocks for the upcoming lush caves such as hanging roots and rooted dirt, moss, and spore blossom.

The cave vines "grow down from the ceiling like weeping vines" while glow berries are a natural light source as well as a food source, which foxes reportedly like to munch. You can also expect Dripleaf, which needs to be planted in clay or underwater, and two new decorative moss blocks, too.

For the full list, head on over to the official Minecraft blog.

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