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Genshin Impact surveys ask for feedback on events, end-game content, and more

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Genshin Impact had an explosive launch but, like virtually every other big game designed to be played for a long time, it also launched with some design issues, and developer MiHoYo is asking players for feedback on what works and what doesn't.

In the past week and change, Genshin Impact has conducted two surveys through its in-game browser. The most recent round of surveys went out yesterday, October 21, after a four-hour maintenance window. You can open the survey through the notification in the events page, and if you complete it, you'll instantly receive 30,000 gold. 

Both surveys cover a few general topics like how you heard about the game, what motivates you to keep playing, and your preferred type of content (exploration vs experiencing the story, for example), but a few questions hone in on specific features and systems, some of which have become hot-button issues within the game's community. 

For instance, one question asks "Why aren't you currently leveling up any new characters?", with answers ranging from "too much time and material is required" to "insufficient resources to level up." Many players have expressed concerns that maintaining multiple characters isn't feasible with the current resource economy, so I doubt it's a coincidence that topics like these have been codified in official surveys – and on the heels of the Klee banner inviting players to obtain more characters, at that. Likewise, a few questions in the latest survey discuss the recent Elemental Crucible event and how fun and rewarding players found it to be. 

While it isn't addressed as bluntly, the latest survey also flirts with the game's oft-discussed resin system, and there's little doubt that it will be a common point of feedback. Resin is used to earn essential resources but you only get a set amount of it each day, and while this kind of system is standard among gacha games, resin can really slam the brakes on otherwise enjoyable progression. The Genshin Impact subreddit is filled with threads on how limiting the resin system can be, and the game's official English Discord (which already has over 650,000 members) has even created a separate channel dedicated to resin-related feedback. Suffice it to say, resin will be a popular write-in if nothing else. 

It's encouraging to see MiHoYo seeking feedback so actively, both in-game and on the game's Discord, but these surveys aren't necessarily indicative of any immediate changes. The game's first big update is scheduled for November 11, and while mounting leaks suggest it's packed with new things to do and chase, it may not integrate post-launch feedback since updates are developed well in advance. That said, if you aren't happy with Genshin Impact for whatever reason, these surveys are the best way to get your voice heard.

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Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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