Genshin Impact studio's new urban RPG Zenless Zone Zero is holding another beta test featuring cute robo-bunny hordes and a PS5 giveaway

Zenless Zone Zero
(Image credit: HoyoVerse)

Zenless Zone Zero, the next free-to-play game from the Genshin Impact and Hokai: Star Rail studio, is preparing for a new beta test.

Developer and publisher HoYoverse announced that another public beta test is on the way for its upcoming action RPG. Interested players over age 16 can apply now for a chance to gain access. Inviting friends to pre-register using a personalized link and completing "missions each day" will give you extra tickets for a better chance to enter the test.

To attract as many people as possible, HoYoverse is also giving away bonus goodies on the sign-up website, including the above test qualification tickets, a phone stand, and a PS5 Digital Edition. Giveaways are part of the daily prize draw, and every five friends you invite will boost your chances of a win. 

Back to the game, Zenless Zone Zero also debuted a new clip showing off some sweet-looking combat highlights, other gacha shenanigans, and a horde of robotic friends dressed as rabbits called Bangboos (which I'm sure won't be merchandised to hell and back.)

Zenless Zone Zero's previous beta test ran into some slight controversy as players moaned about the nerfed jiggle-physics on certain animations. Gamesradar's Austin Wood also walked away from the playtest with more sensible complaints in his Zenless Zone Zero preview, calling it an "action roguelike with no action" that leaves the game "dead on arrival."

We won't know for sure until Zenless Zone Zero actually does arrive sometime later this year on mobile, PC, and PS5 as a free-to-play release. 

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