Gears of War gets moody

Thursday 26 October 2006
You might have thought Xbox 360 third-person actioner Gears of War was all about blood and bullets but as the upcoming promo commercial - recently released on Xbox Live - shows, it's got a quiet side too. Hit the movies tab above to see for yourself.

We won't spoil the choice of soundtrack, other than to say it's not the heavy metal you might be expecting - it's all about supporting the game's theme of 'destroyed beauty', which designer Cliff Bleszinski first brainstormed when stepping out of a hotel into an autumnal London sunset.

We're not sure if that could be taken as a diss against our fair capital or not, but then we're not entirely convinced that you can actually see the sun in London either.

Gears of War will be released in November so expect our full verdict, from destroyed beauty to destroying other people's faces, soon.