Gears of War footage bomb

This trio of trailers for alien action blaster Gears of War - due out in November for Xbox 360 - sets up the game's end-days story in a grimy mix of faux news footage and in-game cinematics.
Eagle eyed viewers will spot some actual gameplay among the shaky-cam narrative but this is more about setting up an atmosphere than showing off Gears in action.

Hit the Movies tab above to see all three videos and learn more about Gears of War and its apocalyptic setting. It seems the discovery of a clean, infinite energy supply may have disturbed a subterranean horde of be-toothed nasties - and humans are powerless to stop them, launching devastating attacks on our own settlements in an attempt to stop the horror.

With little more than a month to go until Gears of War lurches into shops we can't wait to rejoin the frontline. Our previous encounters with its cover-jumping, heavy weapon action have been resolutely positive, and if developer Epic can make every battle feel as thrilling as our multiplayer skirmishes have been, Gears will turn out a winner.

October 11, 2006