Gears of War confirmed for PC?

A promotional image in the new issue of PC Gamer here in thestates - page 28, to be exact -suggests that thrill-a-minute blastfest Gears of War is heading for release on PC.

Copies of Gears of War, displayed in Games For Windows-branded cases, line up in the image alongside Flight Simulator X and Halo 2, with a caption reading "Now playing at a store near you."

Above:Well, of course it's a 360 screen. If Microsoft won't even admit there is a PC version yet, do you really think they would have given us PC screens?

The image appears during a feature focusing on Windows Vista and Microsoft's efforts to provide the new operating system with top quality games. While it might not confirm Gears of War is PC-bound, the game's success on 360 (Microsoft expects to sell a million copies by Christmas) would make a PC release an attractive proposition.

Plus, it seems odd that with all the other games in the image already planned for PC release, Microsoft would allow PC Gamer to use a promo image featuring a game that wasn't headed to PC.

Why should you care? Check out our review of Gears of War for 360 here, and ask that question again, we dare you.

November 17, 2006