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Gauntlet - Xbox Live Arcade review

Wizard just shot the food. Thanks a lot, jerk


  • Learning tricks to stay alive
  • Blasting an entire screen of enemies
  • Deciphering the synth-voice narrator


  • So ... walk and shoot
  • huh?
  • Accidentally demolishing food
  • That item-stealing thief

We're sure a good amount of you Xbox 360 owners don't remember the days of wallet-murdering arcade games. The claustrophobic dungeon crawler Gauntlet was the worst kind - one quarter wouldn't cut it. As you ran through overhead, labyrinthine passageways packed with monsters, you were constantly losing health. To keep it up, you had to find scarce items like food, or keep pumping Washington's skull into the arcade cabinet.

This version doesn't ask for constant cash. You're free to add health at any time, adjust the difficulty and obviously team up with three other adventurers to tame this 100-level bloodbath. Your only goal is to reach the clearly marked exit with as much of your life intact as you can. Just watch out for precious, life-giving food. One stray arrow, axe or sword and it's a goner.

The infinite hordes of wizards, ghosts and Death himself are constantly being spewed forth from monster generators - they're the first target, for sure. But as you and your posse trek through the corridors, you'll find keys, power-ups and even level-skipping shortcuts to make things a little easier. Gauntlet is all about overwhelming your senses. Think very, very primitive Dynasty Warriors and you're getting close.

More Info

DescriptionThe definitive quarter-gobbler from years past. Grab some friends and trudge through the endless waves of mythological baddies - now for a low one-time cost.
PlatformXbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date22 November 2005 (US), 22 November 2005 (UK)