Gaming's most impressive natural disasters

Why the hell should Icelandic volcanoes get all the attention? Or, indeed, highly entertaining articles about game volcanoes? We think it's high time the other, less glamorous gaming natural disasters got championed. So here, to kill a couple of minutes of futile existence, are some words about the most impressive and cruellest of Mother Nature's digital disasters.

God of War III's tsunami

Alright, so the term 'natural' might be stretching things a bit. After all, the towering wave that seemingly destroys have of Ancient Greece is caused by Poseidon biting it in spectacular fashion. And by 'spectacular fashion' we mean he totally gets his holy eyeballs squashed like grapes. Still, PS3 water effects: purdy.

Disaster Report's earthquakes

An overlooked gem that can proudly claim to sport gaming's finest ground-trembling quakes. A cute twist on the survival horror genre, Disaster Report's crumbling city is way more intimidating than any zombie or undead alien beastie. What's a zombie bite compared to being stuck on a crumbling bridge as it's about to plunge straight into a freezing cold ocean?

18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker's twister

Ah, the humble tornado. Star of crappy 90s disaster movies featuring Bill Paxton. Transporters of houses that flatten Wicked Witches of the Eastern variety. And absolutely the most impressive thing in this redneck Dreamcast racer.

David Meikleham
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