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Gaming's most creepiest corridors that want to kill you dead

We’ll be honest. We had pretty much naff all idea what was happening during most of this Silent Hill. The game kinda lost us with the ‘magic hole in a bathroom transports reclusive main character to other places’ concept. While we might have been put off by the premise and the strange first person sections, there’s no denying it contained some eye-offending imagery that scarred our souls.

Above: Mostly involving demon children

Corridors smeared in blood and filled with monstrosities, which would like nothing more than to force you to play Twister with the Grim Reaper, is chilling. And the fear only gets escalated when the child form of the serial killer you’re trying to escape turns up and starts acting as a quasi guide. That’s right, you team up with the unbearably creepy sprog version of the very man who’s spent most of the game trying to kill you. Great Scot, that’s so confusing we can feel the space-time continuum almost collapsing in on itself.

Above: The last time we were this confused standing in a corridor, it was watching the only Matrix film that didn’t make us want to scrape our hearts out with a trowel