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Gaming commercials that'll make you say WTF!?

Some gaming TV commercials like to play it sober, delivering a no-nonsense, easy-to-understandmessage to potential customers. And good for them. However, we tend to prefer televisual adverts that stumble wildly about on our screens like intoxicated hedgebeasts, crashing recklessly into our brains and making us dribble on the remote.Adverts that challenge and bewilder in equal measure. Adverts that provokea confused "What the f...!?" mutterance. Yes, they're the ads for us.

To celebrate this special breed of dizzying advertisingment, we've ransacked the archives (ie YouTube) and smashed together a scrambled selection of baffling, madbrained and patently rubbishsnippets of nonsense related to selling gaming stuffs on TV. Moderate entertainment guaranteed or your money back...


WTF!? Giant Atari anthropod attacks the 80s and tricks woman into bed forsteamyinsect love.


WTF!? "MS DOS 5 Upgrade, take that image further - it's like selling fries with every burger!" Brilliant public service promo from the stoopid dope posse at Microsoft.


WTF!? When adverts weren't afraid of exploiting cultural stereotypes.

Dr. Mario
WTF!? Japanese ladies dressed in primary-coloured bunny suits all splashing about in a swimming pool.